My Absolutely nothing Horse Equestria Female: Digital Collection (12 months step one)

My Absolutely nothing Horse Equestria Female: Digital Collection (12 months step one)

Regarding the film’s alternate conclude, Twilight stays at the Amazingly Preparing, and you may she and you will Spike take much friendlier words on Shadowbolts.

Equestria Lady: Legend out of Everfree

Twilight appears as the main main profile of one’s fourth Equestria Ladies motion picture. Struggling with anxiety and you may recurring nightmares, she fears their evil Midnight Sparkle changes ego will one-day return or take more than their muscles, her household members serve as steady moral support.

During the Legend out-of Everfree, Twilight goes with the woman Canterlot High family relations to help you Go camping Everfree, where the woman is matched with Sundown Shimmer throughout the Sapphire Tent and you can develops a good smash to the camp co-director Wood Spruce. If you’re at go camping, Twilight’s miracle passes through a transformation, and you will expands the ability to levitate and you can telekinetically circulate objects.

From the flick, Twilight struggles to face new black wonders inside her, and you can she believes this woman is accountable for several secret interruptions to go camping. But not, speaking of after revealed becoming Timber’s sibling Gloriosa Daisy’s starting. With the aid of the girl friends, Twilight triumphs over this lady fears and you may turns out to be an important in conquering Gloriosa. She can also help plan out the latest fundraiser to store Camp Everfree out of closure and you may will get considerably near to Wood Spruce, taking a romantic date off your fundamentally.

Equestria Women: Moving Wonders

Regarding the 50 % of-time special Dance Magic, Twilight support the lady relatives boost money so you’re able to representative Everfree. Whenever Rarity’s suggestion to own an audio video was copied by Shadowbolts, Twilight assists Rareness sneak towards Crystal Planning Academy so you can privately confront her or him. She including participates brand new Dancing Secret sounds clips close the conclusion the fresh new unique.

Equestria Girls: Flick Wonders

In the 1 / 2 of-hours special Movie Wonders, Twilight accompanies their family unit members on the group of the Daring Carry out film, stating a desire for viewing the fresh new outlined movie props made by Good. K. Yearling. The woman is including temporarily mistaken for an actress throughout the “Strength Horses” flick, cast because the Disguised Number-Horn. Eventually, Twilight takes on a central detective-for example character within the exposing Juniper Montage’s thievery and you can deception, and you may she is throw just like the a supplementary in the Adventurous Perform flick.

Equestria Ladies: Reflect Wonders

On 1 / 2 of-time unique Echo Magic, Twilight gets caught up along with her nearest and dearest during the limbo when Juniper Montage acquires a give reflect enchanted that have Equestrian magic. When Starlight Glimmer really works from inside the persuading Juniper to allow them out, Twilight therefore the remainder of her nearest and dearest forgive and deal with Juniper given that an alternative friend. Twilight, and Sundown and you can Starlight, is especially forgiving away from Juniper, having in the past started corrupted by the wonders into the Relationship Game.

Equestria Lady: Summer Shorts

About musical movies Furious Twience, Twilight portrays an angry researcher building an android companion to have Spike. She’s also an initial attention when you look at the Friday Blues, in which she and Sundown Shimmer try to get to college as a result of brand new pouring rain. From inside the Epic Fails, she remembers this lady most shameful minute of escort service in allentown performing a biochemistry experiment you to definitely explodes within her deal with. Inside the A Vibes, she really works during the an electronic devices store and you will uses this lady efforts in order to develop DJ Pon-3’s turntable after Majority Biceps helps the woman that have a heavy stream out-of packages. This lady has supporting otherwise small jobs in the Pets Endeavor, Subs Stone, Leaping Off of the Webpage, and just have the latest Let you know while on the move. Throughout the Canterlot Film Club, she looks to your poster of the Daring Manage film.

This woman is a main attention permitting the lady relatives study because of their final exams about Finals Countdown, happening a date that have Timber Spice within the Star-crossed, looking after Principal Celestia’s lawn in my Absolutely nothing Shop off Horrors, and you will fearing leaving school over the past Day of School. Inside Queen regarding Nightclubs, Twilight seems on the CHS chemistry, wig, and you can robotics nightclubs. This woman is together with a central focus throughout the coastline pants X Scratching the region, Unsolved Selfie Secrets, The latest Salty Sails, and you may Relationship Mathematics, and it has supporting otherwise slight opportunities at school away from Stone, A superb Line, Overpowered, Very Squad Wants, Highway Trippin, Outtakes, Pinkie Pie: Snack Clairvoyant, Five in order to 9, and a whole lot in my experience.

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