In the second Reward Problem, Natalie emerged successful over Jaclyn

In the second Reward Problem, Natalie emerged successful over Jaclyn

She exiled Alec and you will selected Jaclyn and you can Jon to join this lady towards award. But not, Natalie chosen the young pair just like the she wished to then generate him or her unsuspecting out-of an excellent blindside. Natalie next chose to enact the girl vengeance with the Jon. Natalie advised Baylor from the lady bundle and told her to not share with the lady mother on Jon’s blindside. Even when she are embarrassing in the making their mommy call at the new ebony, Baylor was ready to vote out Jon. But not, Jon won personal immunity. Jon desired to split the choose between Alec and you will Keith, with the second are kicked out. not, Natalie decided to choose facing Alec, only informing Baylor of her objectives. Alec are chosen in a beneficial cuatro-3 choose.

Jaclyn, Jon, and Missy was in fact mislead once the Alec was removed in place of Keith. If this was unearthed that Natalie voted up against Alec over Keith, she starred it off while the a blunder. Baylor was laughing whenever Jon is restaurants upwards Natalie’s lie. During the Prize Difficulty, Natalie was teamed with Baylor and Jaclyn nonetheless missing. Natalie are the one who are taken to Exile Area. To the Exile Area, Natalie shown with the proven fact that it was brand new longest she ran instead Nadiya. At the Immune system Challenge, Natalie claimed personal immune system over Jon. Natalie desired to would a split vote ranging from Jaclyn and you will Jon in case the second put their Undetectable Immune protection system Idol. Natalie requested Baylor to locate the girl mommy to type Jaclyn’s term down. Even though Missy got the lady bookings, she did vote against Jaclyn and also the vote is actually a 2-2-2 choose. In the event it is actually time for you to revote, Jon are chosen out.

After Tribal Council, an angry Jaclyn started to scream within Natalie on her betrayal. Natalie try happy on Jaclyn’s outburst as it manage discourage anyone from handling this lady. Though Natalie had a take on Missy and you may Baylor and make it to your avoid together with her, she was not up against so it’s on finals which have Jaclyn and Keith. Keith claimed the following Reward Issue, which was for an advantage in the last 5 Immunity system Issue. Afterwards, told you advantage helped Keith profit immunity system. In the Tribal Council, Natalie, trying to increase her resume, decided to fool around with the lady Hidden Disease fighting capability Idol towards Jaclyn and you can blindside Baylor.

Despite Natalie eliminating their de-, Missy wasn’t frustrated having Natalie since she didn’t have to help you choose away Baylor. The women after that assented one Keith must be the you to removed away next. From the Last Immunity system Difficulties, it actually was in the first place anywhere between Keith and you will Natalie. Although not, Jaclyn repaired new mystery basic, hence allowed her so you’re able to win latest disease fighting capability over Natalie. Natalie are concerned with Jaclyn and you may Missy flipping on this lady. Yet not, the women chosen away Keith in the Tribal Council.

Champions from the Conflict

At the Final Tribal Council, Natalie’s beginning declaration is one she are worthy due to the fact she came across the conditions from outwit, outplay, and you can outlast way more as compared to most other women who she are at the side of with, and you can elaborated on each you to definitely. Natalie ended this lady statement by saying that she thought that the newest vibrant move having Missy and you can Jaclyn need to have become voting her aside history Tribal Council over Keith. Jeremy advocated to have Natalie, advising this new jury they’ve no choice but so you can award their as he felt the girl as the best user. In the event that vote came, Natalie is actually stated the only real Survivor more than Jaclyn and you can Missy into the an excellent 5-2-step 1 vote.


  • Natalie thought moving to Sri Lanka to open a beneficial CrossFit playing with the woman winnings.
  • Natalie, in addition to 7 other former castaways, competed to your an effective Survivor edition of the Price is Right primetime special one to broadcast to the . Natalie and her partner, John, don’t allow it to be upon stage.

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